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Archpriest Dimitriy Evtihiev and the Date of Foundation of the Yeniseisk Monastery of the Nativity of Christ


 DOI: 10.31518/2618-9100-2024-2-3

 Since the middle of the 19th century, a legend has been formed in Yeniseisk local lore that the Yeniseisk Women’s Monastery of the Nativity of Christ was founded in 1623. The study of historiography allowed us to establish that the author of this date is Archimandrite Athanasy, who arrived in 1861 in Yeniseisk as the vicar of the Spassky Monastery. It was this date that he indicated in a small note about the Monastery of the Nativity of Christ, published in the “Commemorative Book of the Yeniseisk province for 1863”. Archpriest D. Evtihiev, who arrived in Yeniseisk ten years later, while being engaged in educational activities in the town uyezd and county, could not pass by the publication of Archimandrite Athanasiy. In 1885, in the Yeniseisk Diocesan Gazette, he published a historical essay on the Iversky Monastery (as the Nativity Monastery became known in 1871), and in 1887 this essay was published in Yeniseisk as a separate brochure. Considering that fr. Dimitri headed several deaneries in Yeniseisk, was in charge of the Yeniseisk monasteries, was the confessor of the Iversky monastery and the law teacher of a number of educational institutions, he had great authority among the residents of the city. After the publication of his essay, the date 1623 began to appear in the works of researchers of the history of Siberia (Andrievich, Latkin). In Yeniseisk, this date was entered by the founder of the Museum of local lore A.I. Kytmanov in his “Brief Chronicle of the Yeniseisk’s district”. Although a number of historians dealing with the history of Yeniseisk in the 17th century expressed reasoned doubts about the correctness of this date, the situation remained unchanged. In 2005, Volume III of the “History of Siberia” by G.F. Miller was published, which published documents from 1653 to 1654 on the opening of the Women’s Monastery of the Nativity of Christ in Yeniseisk. However, this did not affect the position of the interested parties: 1623 continues to appear in Yeniseisk local lore as the date of the establishment of the monastery and is currently supported by the Krasnoyarsk Regional Department of Culture and the leadership of the Yeniseisk’s Diocese.

Publishing: 28/04/2024

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Keywords: Women’s Monastery of the Nativity of Christ; date of foundation; Yeniseisk; archpriest D. Evtihiev; archimandrite Athanasy