About the Journal


“Historical Courier” is an electronic scientific journal publishing materials on history. It is made by people who believe that history belongs to science, not to arts. Since science does not exist in isolation from pressing challenges faced by the society our journal is intended not only for scholars, but for anyone interested in history.


“Historical Courier” is created in order to:

  • help researchers to make their research findings available to the historical community;
  • promote discussion of ideas and research findings among the professional historians;
  • provide all Internet users with interesting and scientifically sound reading materials on history;
  • fill the gap between science and history teaching at schools and universities.


Our Journal publishes materials on relevant issues of Russian history, also viewed in global historical context; along with materials on metadisciplinary and theoretical aspects of historical knowledge, historiography, history of science and technology, history of international relations, Ethnography, Ethnology and anthropology. The Journal's subject matter is largely connected with key research areas of the Institute of History of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The Journal acts as a forum for discussion and promotion of cutting-edge research findings and aims at updating historical knowledge in order to respond to the social and political, socioeconomic and sociocultural challenges faced by modern Russia.


The Journal is published regularly. Publication frequency: 6 issues per year. Each issue is devoted to a certain theme.