Tatiana Aleksandrovna Kiskidosova,

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Khakass Research Institute of Language, Literature and History, Abakan, Russia, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Fight Аgainst Сhild Homelessness and Neglect in Khakassia During the Great Patriotic War


 DOI: 10.31518/2618-9100-2021-1-13

 The article deals with the history of the fight against child homelessness and neglect in Khakassia during the Great Patriotic War. In the harsh wartime, when the main forces of the country were directed to the Victory over fascism, the state authorities paid considerable attention to street and neglected children and adolescents. Timely work to identify and eliminate child homelessness and neglect prevented the destabilization of the situation in the rear regions. The rapid growth of these social phenomena would inevitably lead to an increase in juvenile delinquency. The main burden of combating child homelessness and neglect was carried by the internal affairs authorities. Militia officers carried out a set of measures to identify, detain and accomodate homeless and neglected children. The basic principle of working with them was to protect them from criminals and create the necessary living conditions. Pedagogical collectives, party and public organizations were involved in joint work with the internal affairs authorities. Significant support in carrying out the work to combat homelessness and neglect was provided by the public masses. Extremely weak material support of children’s institutions remained one of the serious problems throughout the wartime. In support of orphans, special material, clothing, money and food funds were created everywhere. The organization of children’s leisure provided cultural events. In order to attract minor children to work, labor brigades were created to provide assistance to adults. Thanks to the comprehensive joint work, it was possible to carry out a purposeful and active fight against homelessness and neglect.

Publishing: 28/02/2021

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Keywords: homelessness; neglect; children; crime; Khakassia; the Great Patriotic War; children’s militia rooms